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Integrating Workday with Jira Service Management using Custom Reports

In this blog, we explore how to integrate Jira Service Management with Workday  seamlessly. Building a native integration between Jira and Workday enables a frictionless HR Service Delivery.

Workday provides two main ways to pull data:

  • SOAP: Standard SOAP APIs. You can view the version and the specs here.
  • RaaS: Report-as-a-Service (RaaS) to extract data from custom reports. Here is a sample Python Client provided by Workday.

In this article, we highlight Workday Custom Report integration pattern.

Image Source Credit: Workday Integration Documentation

The Report as a Service (RaaS) interface provides great flexibility as it is tied to custom reports that can pull data from any object with calculated fields defined by the users. While SOAP API is available out of the box with no additional development, custom reports do need to be defined by users first before they can be used to extract data. OnRamp provides support for both options in order to provide maximum flexibility to users. Here are a few use cases and our recommendation on which trigger type to use.

Why Should You Integrate Workday with Jira Service Management?

Workday is the source of truth for all HCM data and Jira Service Management is widely used as source of collboration across enterprise users. We see the following benefits:

Efficiency: Enterprise Service Management combining automation of HR tasks and IT service requests.

Transparency: Real-time updates and status tracking on all tasks.

Security: Maintaining all aspects of security and privacy with no data transfer out of the applications.

Let’s deep dive into usecases.

Use Case Recommended OnRamp Trigger
Pull data when a position is closed in Workday Recruiting Workday Custom Report
A worker is hired in Workday but pull data only when certain conditions are met Workday Custom Report
Use custom or standard objects other than Worker e.g. Supervisory Org, Position, etc Workday Custom Report
You want to pull data from multiple objects including custom objects and fields

Workday Custom Report

Note – Workday Employee Hire with Field Override Service is also an option

Hire Employee or Contract Contingent Worker BP is executed Workday Employee Hire or Workday Cont Worker Hire
Terminate Employee or End Contract Contingent Worker BP is executed Workday Employee Termination or Workday Cont Worker Termination


Infographic of Workday Integration to automate HR Workflows using Jira Service Management


Demo of Workday Integration with Jira Service Management

For more information on how to use Workday Custom Report triggers in OnRamp, go to this link.