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The Power of Recurring Rewards for Service Delivery Teams

In today’s challenging business landscape, providing exceptional service is a critical way to win and retain customers. Service delivery teams play a critical role in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Winning companies realize the importance of motivating and rewarding these teams’s effort. While one-time bonuses and incentives can be effective, there is a growing understanding that recurring rewards have a unique power to drive long-term performance and foster a culture of excellence. In this blog, we will explore the significance of recurring rewards for service delivery teams and how they can positively impact team morale, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Continuous Motivation

Unlike one-time rewards, which may be done less frequently, recurring rewards create an ongoing sense of achievement and recognition. By establishing a regular rhythm of recognition and rewards, teams are motivated to consistently deliver their best work, knowing that their efforts will be consistently acknowledged and appreciated. This sustained motivation contributes to higher levels of engagement, commitment, and overall job satisfaction. These awards doesn’t have to be of significant monetary value, key things is the recognition as soon as a desired outcomes is acheived.

Reinforcing Desired Behaviors

Recurring rewards can be strategically designed to reinforce specific behaviors and performance standards that align with an organization’s goals and values. By clearly defining the criteria for rewards, service delivery teams understand what is expected of them and can actively work towards meeting those expectations. For example, rewards can be tied to metrics such as weekly customer satisfaction ratings, weekly SLA response times, or successful resolution rates. By consistently recognizing and rewarding these desired behaviors, teams are encouraged to develop habits of excellence, which ultimately leads to improved service quality.

Using OnRewards application on Atlassian, you can get started on this journey in a few simple steps.




The screenshot below shows the configuration to setup recurring rewards.

OnRewards - Recurring Rewards
OnRewards – Recurring Rewards

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