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Redefining HR Service Management for SAP Users: Integrating SAP SuccessFactors with Jira Service Management

This blog is dedicated to SAP centric organizations. We are going to cover how these organizations can enable HR Service Automation by integrating SAP SuccessFactors with Jira Service Management. We will delve it to Why this matters, What are the benefits and How to setup the integration.

Integrating SAP SuccessFactors with Jira Service Management
Integrating SAP SuccessFactors with Jira Service Management

The Significance of Native Integration

For SAP-centric enterprises, the native integration between SAP SuccessFactors and Jira Service Management is the foundation to enable a modern HR Service Management. Allow me to articulate a compelling case: Picture a typical SAP-centric organization – global in reach, intricately woven with complex business processes, typically mid to large in size, and a meticulously defined hiring regimen. Now, overlay this scenario with the nuances of regulated industries, where compliance policies amplify the complexity of HR Service management exponentially.

Now that I have your attention, let me cover the benefits of this integration.

Tailored Onboarding Journeys: Automated workflows within Jira Service Management for onboarding, offboarding and transfers by pulling all the relevant HR data from SAP SuccessFactors.

Dynamic Job Requisition Management: The integration automates job requisition updates based on predefined workflows. This provides the much needed relief to HR teams to focus on high value work and not get bogged down by data updates across multiple systems.

Automated Access Provisioning: By automating user access and application provisioning, organizations fortify compliance with stringent IT policies while mitigating security vulnerabilities.

Effortless Data Orchestration: Data pulls from SAP SuccessFactors to Jira Service Management using webhooks alleviate the burden of manual data entry.

End to End Performance Insights: Single view of task statuses and performance metrics, with actionable insights to all stakeholders involved.

Now let me explain, how this integration can be accomplished.

How to Set Up the Integration

To configure the integration between SAP SuccessFactors and Jira Service Management, follow these steps:

Configure Webhook in SuccessFactors:

  • Log in to SuccessFactors as an admin user.
  • Navigate to ‘Integration Center’ and select ‘My Integrations’.
  • Create a new Integration with the following parameters:
    Trigger Type: Intelligent Services
    Source Type: SuccessFactors
    Destination Type: REST
    Format: JSON
  • Select the ‘Employee Hire’ event and provide a name and description for the integration.
  • Configure payload elements and add desired filters.
  • Provide details for the OnLink URL and save the configuration.

For more details, visit the documentation for detailed step-by-step instructions.


For SAP centric organizations, using Jira Service Management is an efficient investment and much easier option to get started on HR Service Management. We’d love to hear your feedback and any questions you may have.