Onward Receives Atlassian Partner of the Year 2023

Onward! Unveiling Our Company’s Inception and the Exciting Voyage Begins

We are excited to announce the launch of Onward. Solving customer pain points has always been our northstar. Implementing AI projects for our customers for the last 8 years gave a first hand experience of the organization challenges, what they are looking for and realization of investment in AI projects. We want to provide an experience to customers where they can easily try the apps, try them out and embed in their workflows. Hence the start of this new journey, Onward!


Onward – Making continuous progress.

We felt this is apt for the use case we will be working on.


Our vision is to strengthen our customers’ greatest resource—their employees. We do that by offering easy to use applications that promote worker engagement.


Our mission is to engage and energize the evolving global workforce by providing value-based, cost-effective and frictionless applications on Atlassian.

First step was relatively quick as we had clarity on what use cases we want to solve for but the next critical step is where do we want to build the apps – cloud platforms, application providers or custom stack? We ended up choosing Atlassian and here are the reasons why we selected it.

Why did we choose Atlassian to build our applications?

Key reason for us to choose Atlassian is the evolution of the Jira platform, which offers everything we could ever want in a task management tool: flexible workflows, streamlined approval processes, and seamless integration across departments. Jira Cloud, Jira Service Management and Jira Work Management fit the needs of the foundational platform where we can build our applications. Collaboration is at the heart of what Atlassian solves, given our focus on building applications that are fit to purpose for common workflows.
But what truly sets Atlassian apart from the competition is its native app development layer, known as Atlassian Forge, which supports the latest technologies including Node.js. Thanks to this powerful combination, we can quickly spin up complex web applications tailored to fit our unique workflows, and integrate them to Jira Service Management with ease. And since this is all in cloud, We get the benefits of continuous updates of its SDKs and APIs. Also, the distribution using Atlassian Marketplace helps build trust and credibility with our customers. Comprehensive certification for listing ensures the application meets the highest standards of Atlassian.

Finally, Atlassian has a vibrant community, access to developers and active customer transacting through Marketplace. This is important because we wanted a quick feedback loop which will allow us to prioritize the right use cases for our customers.


We are thrilled to launch OnRewards, peer recognition and rewards management application tailored for service delivery teams. OnRewards is now available in Atlassian Marketplace

Oh last but not least, meet Buzz.

Buzz is our spirit animal, who is in charge of AI based chat requests and is intelligent enough to respond to your initial questions and will find the right contact from Onward to help support you.


Girish and Prabhu