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Integrating Personio and Jira Service Management for Seamless HR Workflow Automation

In this blog post, we detail how we can automate HR workflows by connecting Personio and Jira Service Management.

Personio - Jira Service Management Integration
Personio – Jira Service Management Integration

Connecting to Personio

OnRamp provides native connection to various HR applications, and one of them is Personio. Connecting to Personio is a straightforward process that involves setting up the following four connection parameters:

URL: Set to “https://api.personio.de/”
Client ID: Follow the “Generate API Credentials” instructions provided by Personio to generate the Client ID and Client Secret.
Client Secret: Obtained from step 2.
Company Name: Enter your company name in UPPER_SNAKE_CASE format (e.g., THE_HONEST_CO, MICROSOFT, etc.).

Personio Connection
Personio Connection

For more detailed information on connecting Personio to OnRamp, refer to the OnRamp documentation.

Automated Data Pull from Personio

Once you’ve successfully connected Personio to OnRamp, you can configure it to pull data whenever specific triggering events occur in Personio. OnRamp supports the following trigger events:

  • New Hire: Automatically initiate onboarding processes when a new employee is added to Personio.
  • Employee Terminations: Streamline exit procedures and ensure compliance when an employee is terminated.

Refer to the screenshot below for the configuration settings.

Personio New Hire
Personio New Hire

Field Mapping between Personio and Jira Service Management

One of the key advantages of using application like OnRamp is the ability to map fields easily between applications without the need for custom coding. Let’s take an example of field mapping between Personio and Jira Service Management:

Key: Map to customfield_10121
First Name: Map to customfield_10122
Last Name: Map to customfield_10123
Email: Map to customfield_10085
Position: Map to customfield_10134

This configuration allows field values between Personio and Jira Service Management, ensuring consistency and accuracy in your HR processes.

Personio Field Mapping
Personio Field Mapping

By connecting Personio with Jira Service Management through OnRamp’s integration capabilities, you can achieve a seamless and efficient HR Service Management solution. Keeping all employee onboarding and termination tasks centralized within Jira Service Management enables organizations to comply with enterprise IT policies and automate HR workflows as needed.

If your organization uses Personio as its HRIS and Jira Service Management as its Enterprise Service Management platform, don’t hesitate to give OnRamp a try today. Experience the power of streamlined HR processes and the benefits of automation, making your HR department more efficient and effective than ever before.