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Employee Onboarding + User governance Automation in Okta

Traditional methods of new hire onboarding, often managed as checklists or tasks, no longer cut it. Today’s workforce demands a more streamlined and self-service approach to onboarding, coupled with automation wherever feasible. In this blog post, we delve into the user provisioning automation within the new hire onboarding process, presenting a solution that eliminates the complexities of custom integrations.

Prerequisites for Modern HR Service Management

Before diving into automation, let’s outline the common prerequisites for a modern HR Service Management system:

  1. Frictionless Employee Experience: Employees and all the stakeholders that are part of the process should experience a seamless experience.
  2. Configurable Approval Workflows: The ability to tailor approval onboarding based on role, function or location is key.
  3. Enterprise-Grade Auditing and Governance: Robust auditing capabilities are essential for tracking changes and ensuring accountability. Detailed on user access, approval and action grant/revoke helps with compliance certifications. 

The Onboarding Scenario: New hire John Smith needs to go through the onboarding process and right level user provisioning in the Identity Management.

For our example, let’s use the Fictional company with the following details:

Company Name: Honey Harvesting Inc

New Hire: John Smith

HRIS System: Workday

Identity Management Provider: Okta

As part of the onboarding process, worker profile need to be created for John Smith in Workday and user account provisioning in Okta for all the internal IT access. For this, user, group, and license provisioning need to be completed in Okta.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 2.17.18 PM.png

Automating with OnLink

Here’s how we can accomplish user provisioning for John Smith using OnLink. You can also use other marketplace apps to do integration with Okta but the advantage with OnLink is you have one app for both onboarding and user access provisioning.

Native Integration to Okta: OnLink supports native integration to Okta from Jira Service Management. You don’t need an integration tool or custom app to connect to Okta.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 2.06.54 PM.png

We can setup access controls on which project and users have access to this integration.

Configure Group and App Permissions: Predefined custom fields are created as part of the OnLink installation that can be used to assign right level of permissions.


Set Field Values in the Issue: Define the necessary fields and values within the OnLink issue for John Smith’s onboarding. This includes details such as name, role, department, etc.


image (1).png

Assign Post Function to Workflow Steps and Approval: Implement post functions within the workflow steps to trigger user provisioning actions automatically. Assign approvals where necessary to maintain control and compliance. OnLink methods are available to be selected from post function and allows easy mapping to fields in the issue. Assignments can be static or dynamic based on user requirements.

Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 2.13.47 PM.png


Here is an end to end demo that show case user provisioning and access automation to Okta.

Documentation link that has detailed instructions on Okta automation setup.