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Using Assets in Jira Service Management for HR Use Cases

While Assets in Jira Service Management (JSM) is a perfect for its capabilities in IT asset management (ITAM) and configuration management database (CMDB), it can also be extended to HR related use cases. In this blog, we’ll delve into the benefits of leveraging JSM Assets for HR data management, how organizations can handle employee data, identity management, and device information all in Jira Service Management.
Assets in Jira Service Management for HR Use Cases
Assets in Jira Service Management for HR Use Cases

Employee Data in Assets:

We can all agree that the HRIS system is the source of truth for employee data. Instead of duplicating employee data and avoiding being out of sync, importing employee data into Assets is an excellent way to maintain data integrity. With Assets in JSM, organizations can effortlessly import employee data from a variety of HR applications, including but not limited to Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, ADP Workforce Now and BambooHR. By centralizing employee data within Assets, duplication is mitigated, ensuring data integrity and synchronization across systems.

Example Use Cases:

  • JSM Form Lookups: Utilize employee data for streamlined approval processes and routing by looking up managers directly within JSM forms.
  • Data Validation: Leverage department and user objects for data validation, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in issue management.
  • Automated Alerts: Utilize Asset Query Language (AQL) to monitor skills or certifications, enabling proactive alerts for upcoming renewals or expirations.
OnLink - Assets in JSM
OnLink – Assets in JSM

Identity Management Synchronized with Assets:

Incorporating identity management data into JSM Assets empowers organizations to enhance IT asset management effectiveness. By importing user, group, app, subscription, and license information from identity management providers such as Azure AD, organizations gain comprehensive insights into access privileges and software allocations.

Example Use Case:

  • Detailed Software Insights: Store app, license, and subscription data as child objects on employee schemas, facilitating a comprehensive view of an employee’s software and access privileges.

Device Data in Assets:

Completing the 360-degree view of employee profiles, integrating device data into JSM Assets provides insights into hardware assets assigned to employees. By importing device data from platforms like Microsoft Intune, organizations can enhance asset visibility and optimize device management processes.
Device Data from Microsoft Intune
Device Data from Microsoft Intune
Here is a quick demo of how we can use OnLink to import data from Microsoft Intune to Assets

What’s Next:

We are adding new data sources to import skills, talent, certification and training data into Assets. This will allow project managers to lookup team members based on a specific skill set or enable dynamic assignment based on certification match and availability. Stay tuned for more updates. Incorporating HR data into JSM Assets enables HR operations for compliance, supporting critical workflows and needless say to convenience that maintains data integrity, and optimize resource management. From employee data management to identity synchronization and device insights is just the start. We envision a world where assets becomes the source of intelligence for all things related to employee productivity.