Onward Receives Atlassian Partner of the Year 2023

Webinar: Actionable Steps to Automate HR Service Delivery. Aug 23, 2023

Date: Aug 23, 2023 Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM ET

Join us for our upcoming webinar on the topic of “Actionable Steps to Automate HR Service Delivery” and learn how we can automate HR Service Management in Jira.

As businesses continue to evolve and adapt to the digital age, HR departments face new challenges and opportunities in streamlining their service delivery processes. Key to automation is connecting to HR Systems such as Workday, BambooHR, Greenhouse with Jira Service Management.

During this webinar, we will share actionable steps and best practices to help you leverage automation effectively in your HR service delivery. You’ll gain valuable insights into:

  • Identifying key areas for automation in HR processes
  • Native HR Systems Integration to Workday, BambooHR and Greenhouse
  • Overcoming common challenges in HR automation
  • Measuring the impact of automation on HR metrics and performance

We believe this webinar will provide you with actionable strategies to automation to HR service delivery. Whether you are an HR professional, manager, or business leader, this webinar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to get started.